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March 2009, the 1st High Performance Electronic Controllable 5KW PEM Fuel Cell Power Unit Was Successfully Commissioned in Singapore--Nanyang Technological University (School of EEE) 4th Dec 2009, the Complete Integrated System of 1KW PEM Fuel Cell Electrical Power Generator with Hydrogen Leak Detecting System were Successfully Installed and Commissioned in UTM (Universiti of Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai)--The Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Design & Build A Single-Axis PV (Maximum PV Modules Installed 3 X 175Wp Monocrystalline PV) Tracker for Ngee Ann Polytechnic was Delivered in Oct 2009 To Supply & Install ITE (Dover Campus) Project for Roof Mounting of 200W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) System at 4th January 2010. Shell Eco-Marathon 2010 (Solar-Powered Motors Category)--Supply a Complete Flexible PV system to ITE (Dover Campus). Shell Eco-Marathon 2010 (Electric Motors Category)--Design, Supply & Install a Complete PEM Fuel Cell Powered System for ITE (Dover Campus). Two-Sets of 99.9999% @ 500 ml/min. (max. delivery pressure at 6 bar) Water-Electrolysis Hydrogen Generators were installed and commissioned in Nanyang Polytechnic in Dec. 2010. Self-Sustainable Solar-Hydrogen Fuel Cell System--Design, Supply & Install an Integrated 300W PEM Fuel Cell Powered System, 4X900NL Canisters & 60slph Water Electrolysed Hydrogen Generator for ITE (West Campus) in April 2011. NeuroFlash had designed and delivered the Fuel Cell R&D Kit to Nanyang Polytechnic in May 2011. Successfully Delivered & Commissioned a System of PEM Fuel Cell Test Station for Republic Polytechnic (School of Engineering) at 28th October 2011. Completion Work of Retrofitted and Modified the Nanyang Polytechnics (School of Engineering-Life Science & Chemical Process) Existing PEM Fuel Cell Monitoring Station at 9th November 2011. 22nd Aug. 2013, delivered 40-sets of 95Wp Mono-PV to Nanyang Technological University (Earth Observation Lab). 12th Dec. 2013, Solar-Powered Water-Mill Project for Kranji Primary School. 13th Jan. 2014, delivered 20-sets of 95Wp and 2-sets of 50Wp Mono-PV to Nanyang Technological University (Earth Observation Lab). 14th July 2014, delivered 60-sets of 100Wp Mono-PV to Nanyang Technological University (Earth Observation Lab). 28th July 2015, Completed the Project (PV Solutions for Pond Pump and Charging Station) for National Junior College. 22nd Oct. 2015, Completed installation of Wind-Solar Hybrid Power System for Temasek Junior College. In Dec. 2015, Supply & Delivery a package of 500W PEM Fuel Cell System, DC-DC-Converter, 1000W Supercapacitor & Hydrogen Leak Detector for Shell Eco-Marathon 2016 (Electric Motors Category--to ITE (West Campus).
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Last Updated:
Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Fuel Cell Car Science Kit
Product code: FC0017

PEM Reverisble Fuel Cell

This fuel cell will produce about 0.85 volts at 350mA. When the fuel cell receives current from the power source, it works as an electrolyser producing hydrogen and oxygen. When a load like the car chassis is pulled from the fuel cell, the fuel cell provides electrical energy. The fuel cell can be used as a separate item without any of the car lab components.

Intelligent Car Chassis

The car chassis includes tight-fitting reservoirs for the gas storage cylinders and the fuel cell. The wheels easily snap into place. The connector wires make attaching the motor to the fuel cell convenient.

Gas Storage Cylinders

The hydrogen and oxygen storage cylinders have inner chambers which safely hold the gas and outer chambers for the water displacement as gas is produced. The cylinders are calibrated and hold 30ml of gas.

Battery Pack Power Supply

The current supplied to the reversible fuel cell should be 1.8 volts and cannot exceed 2 volts without risking damage to the membrane. This battery pack adapts two AA batteries to provide the correct current.

Classroom Use

The manual accompanying this fuel cell kit includes a comprehensive study of fuel cell technology including a time line and a detailed description of how fuel cells work. The removable gas storage cylinders make measurement easy.

Additional Materials Required

You will need 80 ml of water Distilled or Deionised Water. (Most grocery stores carry distilled water. Some health food stores have deionised water.)

Power Source

The kit includes a battery pack. You may want to purchase the optional solar panel to further explore renewable energy.


Most of the experiments require some sort of current measurement. You can purchase inexpensive voltmeters and ammeters from Fuel Cell Hub or you can purchase a multi-meter at any store that carries electrical supplies - Radio Shack, Target etc.

Lesson Plan Development

This kit is appropriate for use in classrooms from upper secondary school through junior college. The lab manuals provide classroom ready exercises and experiments for students and teachers.


Cables easily connect the power supply to the electrolyser and the fuel cell to the motor. Silicon tubes need to be connected to carry the hydrogen and oxygen from storage cylinders to the fuel cell. All wires are included. Set-up time is about 3 minutes. If you want to have hydrogen already produced before students come into the classroom - allow 20 minutes if you are using a solar panel and about 10 minutes if you are using the battery pack. Hint: You might want to have 1/2 of the container filled with hydrogen using a power source before students arrive to save time during the lesson.

Suggestions and Comments

The modular aspect of this fuel cell car along with the low price makes it a perfect choice for a school fuel cell lab. Additional fuel cells, gas storage, chassis, and optional solar panel, motors etc. can be purchased to complete a lab that meets the specific needs of any teacher.

L x W x D:

308 x 252 x 75mm

(12-1/8" x 10" x 3")



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